Big ass blonde Texas pornstar Alexis Texas

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Alexis Texas is largely one of the most famous pornstars in recent times. She has over 500 movies to her credit and a staggering 940 million views on popular tube site “Youham” alone and it seems we are yet to see her best. The average search index for her name in the past one year is over 3 million and the number keeps growing. This is a great achievement and things could only get better as her popularity among fans seems to be growing by the second. Alexis Texas also loves to make an appearance on major news headlines and her decision to walk topless alongside Nikki Benz recently on Madison square to support gender equality, is one of such acts. Many pornstars are famous for their skills and number of movies that they have done but Alexis draws more her attention to herself simply because of her lovely “40 inch” ass.